BN1 Progress

There's work to do on the camera system.

The shop deck is in and more than half of the cards are fully functional. The entire destination deck is in and fully functional

(except the clock tower as a destination).

The Sneak deck is in and you can buy them or get one when you roll a double

but they do nothing else yet.

5 players (human or computer) taking turns to roll the dice and then take a route to a valid square.

The AIs are still very silly at times, going round in circles but they will eventually get to a destination.

There's a fair way to go yet so sign up for more news when it's ready.

BN1 is a fab new board game set in a fun city.

FunGun is working on a computer game version, (early public shot below):
BN1 computer game news

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Right now you can read all about the actual real physical boxed BN1 board game here.