BN1 Progress

Here we have been trying different ways for you to manage Sneak cards, (yours and other peoples, if you have the right Shop card too).

No Sneak cards work yet other than that you can buy them, look at them and discard them. We need the Sneak cards in so that the Shop cards can be finished off. The latest shop card to be implemented was the Bag Of Tricks (that offers you 3 free Sneak cards).

More news soon. Keep the Facebook "Likes" and please spread the word about the FunGun BN1 game. It all helps to keep that warm feeling going - there is no cash in it for us while we make this for you, just your good vibes to keep it coming!

BN1 is a fab new board game set in a fun city.

FunGun is working on a computer game version, (early public shot below):
BN1 computer game news

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Right now you can read all about the actual real physical boxed BN1 board game here.